Real-Time Phoenix

Hey there! I wrote a book, and it's out now! Are you curious about Elixir and Phoenix, or building real-time applications? If so, Real-Time Phoenix is for you. We'll start simple before diving deep into real-time application development. You'll learn more than just the basics of Phoenix Channels. You'll see solutions to the challenges of real-time apps, empowering you to build and deploy applications that thrive for years to come. Check out Real-Time Phoenix today!
Real-Time Phoenix by The Pragmatic Bookshelf

React in LiveView: How and Why?

I love LiveView, but I also love React. This post covers why I think React still has a place in a LiveView app, and how I actually integrate them together.

What is a GenServer?

GenServer is a foundation of Elixir/OTP. This post will take a shot at describing them to beginners.

What's Next? Starting Clove

I'm excited to share what I'm working on next. Learn about Clove, what our goal is, and what our tech stack is like.

Improve Exq Writes With Pooling

Exq is a background job processing library for Elixir. In this post, I perform benchmarks on the speed of inserting jobs via Exq. You'll walk away with actionable ways to improve your write throughput.

Lessons Learned from Shipping PushEx

We replaced our push service with an open-source library that I wrote—PushEx. This post will walk through the different lessons we learned and challenges that we solved.

Elixir Makes Testing Hard Things Easy

Writing tests is both necessary and often hair-pulling. Certain things that we want to test may be just plain hard. Let's look at how Elixir helps making testing hard things easy.