Exceptional Starts with a Choice

Exceptional has been added as a core value at SalesLoft; I have been thinking about what it means and how it can be achieved. I thoroughly believe that anyone can be exceptional through deliberate action and self reflection.

Exceptionalism is not good, okay, or average.

It’s easy to get sucked into the allure of skimming by as average. Exceptional people strive for more than this; they seek to be at the top of their craft.

Exceptionalism is not a gift, talent or easy. It is a choice, an attitude, and possible to achieve.

Anyone can be exceptional by making the choice to go above and beyond in whatever they do. As such, exceptionalism involves two components, knowledge of the task, and mindset. Take for example a star athlete: an athlete possesses a natural affinity, but became a star through the mindset to practice and garner intimate knowledge of their game.

Exceptionalism isn’t permanent, it must be maintained by paying attention to actions and goals.

It’s possible to make the choice to not be exceptional. Even the most exceptional people can lose sight of their drive and must be vigilant to keep focus by continuing to practice and learn.

Exceptional is relative.

Exceptional requires a baseline, average. On this note, not everyone can be labeled exceptional. What does this mean in the workplace where one strives to be around only exceptional people? While everyone at the job might be exceptional relative to the industry or population, they can’t all be exceptional to each other. I don’t think that this is a bad thing, as I see it as a chance to learn and grow.

Exceptional starts with a choice.

I’ve already said this, but it’s worth a final note. Being exceptional is a choice that can be made. It isn’t instant and requires hard work and motivation, but it is possible. Starting each day with the intention to be exceptional will eventually pay off.

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